How to Draw an Anime Boy Body

Drawing an anime boy's body

Watch the video on how to draw an anime boy's body

Read below to see the steps on how to draw the right body for anime boys

Step 1: Draw 8 same sized circles

Step 2: Draw the head with a circle in the center

Step 3: Draw 2 similarly sized circles next to the head.

This helps to know shoulder width

Step 4: Draw shoulders.

They should be more broad and square than women

Step 5: Draw the Nipples

Step 6: Draw the naval line.

This is the bottom of 3rd circle.Draw a small circle for the belly button

Step 7: Draw the rib cage line.

Draw a horizontal line 1/2 the 3rd circle

Step 8: Draw the rib cage.

Draw two inverted triangles from rib cage line. From there two lines nearly straight down to the bottom of the 3rd circle.

Step 9: Draw the Crotch.

The crotch line is the bottom of 4th circle. Draw two lines inverted downwards to the bottom of the 4th circle.

Step 10: Draw the knee line.

This is 1/2 way  6th circle

Step 11: Draw the thighs.

From the top of the 4th circle down to the knee line. The line down should be a slight curve down. The inside lines should be angled to the crotch

Step 12: Draw the lower legs

From knees draw legs down to the bottom of the 8th circle.The lower legs line should curve out a bit for the calves and then become slim around the ankle

Step 13: Draw the upper arms

Draw lines from the top of the shoulders to the rib cage line.

Step 14: Draw the lower arm and hands

Then from the elbow down to just below the crotch line. Draw circles for hands

Step 15: Add The Details

Step 16: Add The Clothes

Step 17: Add Color

Well done. You drawn an male anime and manga boy body

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