How to Draw an Anime Boy Head

How to Draw an Anime Boy Head

Anime drawing is the process of creating anime art, and manga comics. This style has become popular around the world because it's expressive with broad gestures that capture expression or emphasize movement in a way other styles can't. Anime drawings are usually made using pens, markers, paints, pencils or digital software such as Photoshop. Some anime and manga artists use a  graphic tablet or a mouse to draw their manga art.

Anime style is typically characterized by:

  • Broad, exaggerated facial expressions and mannerisms (e.g.large eyes) 
  • Limited color use (usually black outline with flat colors on figures), which in some cases includes the anime style of "invisible pencil" line work.

It is also catered to young children/ young adults. However, it's very popular amongst adults of all ages.

If you want to properly learn how to draw anime characters, you need to learn the fundamentals.

Follow the steps of our anime drawing tutorial and it should help you get closer to becoming a anime and manga artist.

Drawing an anime head and face

Step 1: Draw a circle

Step 2: Draw the chin

Step 3: Draw the first eyeline

Draw a horizontal line through the circle which is 1/2 the total height

Step 4: Draw a second eyeline.

This is 1/3 of the lower section of the face (from the mid line)

Step 5: Draw the eyes and ears

Well positioned anime eyes and ears should be the height between the top and 2nd eyeline. To get a more in-depth instruction on drawing the eyes, check out our anime eyes drawing guide.

Draw a horizontal line 1/3 after the last 1/3. This should be roughly the bottom of the original circle.

Step 6: Draw the nose and mouth.

The nose is just under the first 1/3 line. The mouth is one the 2nd 1/3 line.

Tip: How to make your anime face more masculine or feminine

  • Anime eyes are smaller and closer together on a girl face. Boys should have larger eyes spaced out from each other further apart than girls, with the eyelashes shorter in length
  • Girls' nose is usually more rounded while boys have longer noses that slope upwards slightly at the end
  • Boys hairline starts higher up on their head than girls and should be angled to the right
  • Girls have softer features on their face, whereas boys are more angular and chiseled.
  • If you are trying  to draw a girl, turn the head to the right and tilt it up. If you are trying to draw a boy, tilt the head down slightly and point it inwards
  • Girls must have fuller lips than boys as well as having eye lashes that are longer and more noticeable
  • Girls have a fuller jawline with smaller eyes, whereas boys have sharper features.

Another big distinction is that female anime and manga characters wear more makeup than male ones do: girls can have a little bit of  blush on the cheekbones and a bit of eye shadow.


Drawing anime is not easy, but with some practice you can learn how to draw excellent anime and manga characters. Our guide has given you a number of resources and tips on drawing the different parts that make up an anime body. If nothing else, hopefully it's been helpful for learning what proportions are important in order to create a realistic looking character. To get even more help from our team of experts who have years of experience working with this style art form we invite you sign up for our newsletter where we will be sharing all sorts of tutorials and lessons about drawing anime faces, hair styles, bodies or general design principles!

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