How To Draw Anime and Manga Hands

How To Draw Anime Hands

In this tutorial on how to draw anime hands, we will cover all the basics of drawing hands in an anime style. From the hand structure and proportions to creating a variety of different poses for your character's hands, you'll learn everything you need to know about drawing anime hands.

Importance of hands in anime

Hands are very important in anime. They can help to convey emotions and actions without words, as well as hold objects that will be used for the story's narrative purpose or to further enrich a scene. Anime creators also use hands creatively with their character designs - giving characters different types of gloves, sleeves, rings or other accessories on their hands.

This is because the hands are one of the most expressive parts of an anime character. Hands convey a lot about how someone is feeling, what they're going to do and even who they are as a person.

So when you are drawing anime hands, consider how they will be used to expression emotion as well as being a physical part of your character.

Step by Step Guide On How to Draw Anime Hands

Step 1

To start drawing anime hands, you should draw a circle in the middle of the paper. This will help you to create the right basic shape of the hands.

Step 2

Draw a vertical line through the circle

Step 3

Get the height of the circle. Use the same height to measure out the height of the middle finger. We can use the middle finger to help us get the length of all the fingers.

Step 4

Draw a line around the arrow. This is your middle finger

Step 5

Draw a line 1/5 down. This  gives you the rough height of the index and ring finger

Step 6

Draw the index finger up to the line

The ring is usually a little taller than then index finger so make it a little higher than the index

Step 7

Draw a line 1/3 down from the ring finger

Step 8

Draw your little finger up to the line you just drew

Step 9

Draw a horizontal line across the circle

Step 10

Draw a large circle in the bottom right section. Leave a little gap from the vertical line

Step 11

Then draw a thumb shape from the end of the circle

Step 12

Add details and color

This is how you draw a anime hand

Anime Hand Gestures

Hand gestures can be very telling when it comes to expressing emotions with your drawings or storyboards for animation. You may have seen this before when looking at  the gestures used by anime characters in a show.

There are a number of hand gestures that are used in anime. These can be as simple as a tapping or snapping of the fingers, to more complex gestures like using your hands to create memorable shapes and symbols (such as hearts).

Some common hand gestures you may see include:

The finger gun gesture

The finger gun gesture is usually done by placing one's index and middle fingers together, pretending to create the shape of  a gun.

Thumbs Up Gesture

A thumbs up is done by placing your index and middle finger together to create a peace sign, touching it with one's thumb.

Presenting Gesture

Presenting someone something (such as an award) can be accomplished using one hand while the other hand points at it.

Open Palm Gesture

An open palm gesture is often used to show a degree of peace and understanding.

Closed Fist Gesture

A closed fist gesture is used to show defiance and anger.

Two Finger Point

The two finger point can be done with either hand, but it communicates the same sentiment: "I got this."

More complex gestures like using your hands to create memorable shapes and symbols (such as hearts).Some common hand gestures you may see include the peace sign, the pointing gesture, and complex gestures like using your hands to create memorable shapes and symbols (such as hearts).

Anatomy of Anime Hands

Metacarpals create a hand palm an inch or so wide and about the same length as a person's face.

The thumb is located near the bottom of this palm, with four fingers on each side.

The fingers are the long, thin things on either side. Fingers have three bones in them called phalanges and fingernails or toenails at their tips. Digits is another word for "fingers." Palm refers to the underside of your hand that faces outwards when you clasp it.

Then you have the palm of your hand, and the outside side is called the back. The knuckles are where the finger bones meet up with other fingers or parts of your own hand.

The thumb has a special joint that we can use to help us pick things up and hold them tightly without having our hands open too wide. It also acts as the top joint for the other four fingers.

A hand is a very complicated thing to draw and it's one of those things that you have to spend some time looking at before you can do it on your own! Drawing anime hands are fun, so I hope this tutorial will help make drawing them easier.

The palm has a line across the middle it. These are  called the lifeline and it's super important because we use them all of the time.

Proportions of Anime Hands

The proportions of anime hands are different than typical hand poses in other mediums. Anime hands are usually a lot smaller and narrower than a typical human. This is because anime hands are typically not used for fidgeting or picking up objects, but rather to emphasize gesture and body language.

So when you draw anime hands be aware that they are usually not as long or thick.

Differences between Boy and Girl Anime Hands

The proportions of anime hands can vary depending on whether or not the hand is a boy's or girl's.

- A larger palm and longer fingers are characteristic of an anime guy, while shorter more slender digits characterize an anime lady

- Anime girls usually have smaller palms than boys, but their fingers are proportionately longer

- Girls also tend to have hands that are more slender in general

- When drawing a girl's hands, be aware that they usually don't have large knuckles as you would see on an anime guy

- Girls also typically only wear rings on their thumbs and middle fingers.

You can also  accentuate these features by drawing a raised pinky, and sticking out the fourth finger.

In Conclusion

Drawing anime hands is not as difficult as you might think. Following this step-by-step guide on how to draw anime hands will provide a solid foundation for creating an expressive and realistic hand in your own drawings. This article has covered the importance of drawing correct anatomy, understanding gestures and proportions to make them look more life-like in order to create believable characters that are at once recognizable but also attractive. So what are you waiting for? Get Drawing.

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