How to Drawn an Anime Girl Body

In this article, you will learn how to draw anime body. Anime is a style of Japanese animation and it has been gaining popularity in the Western world lately. It's known for its big eyes, long hair, and exaggerated facial features. You don't need any fancy equipment to draw an anime character- just some paper and a pencil! Let's get started!

Proportions of an anime body

The proportions are different for males and female characters. This is because males and females have different body shapes and sizes generally so we want to ensure that when drawing anime characters, they reflect that.

When drawing an anime body, we use circles (or heads) to define the proportions.

  • For a girl, we use the proportions of 1:7

Features of Female Characters in Anime and Manga

Drawing an anime body depends on whether you are drawing a girl or a boy.  Girls are typically shorter, and have smaller frames. That is why we use 1:7 proportions vs 1:8 for males.

The body shape of a girl is also typically more curvy. Their shoulders are also more slender.

Girls tend to have smaller joints as well. For example, their wrists are much thinner when compared with those of boys'.

Other body features of female anime characters:

  • The shape of the body is usually more curvy.
  • For example, her shoulders are narrower and her waist is thinner when compared with a boy's.
  • Drawings often have an overall softer look to them because their limbs are drawn proportionally shorter than those of boys'.

A female anime character has different style legs from a male anime character.

  • Anime girls are drawn with slim, elongated limbs relative to the rest of their body.
  • Girls' hips are also relatively narrow when compared with boys'.
  • Their hands and feet are more slender
  • Anime girl hair is usually longer than that of a boy.

Anime Girl arms are different from a boys in that they are more slender.

  • Anime girls also have a much narrower shoulder width than boys do, and their collarbones are often visibly pronounced.

Drawing an anime girl's body

Here is a step by step guide on how to draw the right body for anime girl characters.

Step 1: Draw 7 same sized circles

Then draw lines underneath each circle

Step 2: Draw the head

Draw a circle next to the top circle.

Step 3: Measure shoulder width

Draw two lines next to head which are 1/2 of the size of the head.

Step 4: Draw Nipple Line

Draw a line 1/3 of the second circle. Draw two dots for the nipples. Once you have drawn the nipples, you can draw the breast or pecs as big or small as you like.

Step 5: Draw the crotch line.

This is usually around the bottom of the 3rd circle

Step 6: Draw some hips.

Create some outwards lines from the breast area downwards with a curve back inwards.

The curvier you want the character, the larger the hips.

Step 7: Draw the naval line.

This is usually 1/2 way in the 3rd circle. Draw a small circle to represent the belly button

Step 8: Draw the knee line.

The knee line is 1/2 in the 5th circle.

Step 9: Draw the thighs.

The outside lines are almost straight down to 1/2 of the 5th circle. The inside line curves more down to the 1/2 of the 5th circle

Step 10: Draw the lower legs.

This is from 1/2 the 5th circle down the to bottom of the 7th circle

Step 11: Draw the rib cage line.

This is 1/3 of the 3rd circle

Step 12: Draw the elbow line

Draw a line 1/2 in the 4th circle

Step 13: Draw the upper arm.

Draw from the shoulder to the rib cage line. The arms should go outwards to the elbow.

Step 14: Draw the lower arm.

Draw a triangle down from the 3rd circle to 1/2 way of the 4th circle.You can use small circles for hands

You have now drawn an girl anime body

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